Change a Light Bulb

Change a Light Bulb Audio

He turned on the light switch. The hall light went on. Then he heard a popping sound because the light bulb blew out. It was time to change the bulb. He went into the kitchen. He opened a kitchen cabinet. He looked at five different light bulbs. One of them was 100 watts. That was the one he needed. He went back into the hall. He unscrewed three screws. These screws held the glass globe in place. The globe protected the light bulb. He removed the glass globe. He looked into the bottom of it. A dead bug was in the bottom. He put the bug into the trash. He unscrewed the old light bulb. He shook it. It made a noise. He screwed in the new light bulb. He replaced the globe. He screwed in the three screws. The light went on. He threw out the old bulb.

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