Roaches MP3

She called the landlord. Her apartment was full of roaches. Roaches were everywhere. They were under the kitchen sink. They were in the kitchen cabinets. They were on the kitchen counters. They were in the oven. They were on the stove. She turned on the gas. The roaches ran from the hot flames. She sprayed her apartment every month. She used two cans of bug spray a month. First she opened all the windows. Then she sprayed everywhere. The apartment stunk of roach spray. The stink gave her a headache. Finally the landlord came. He looked around the apartment. He saw roaches everywhere. Adult roaches and baby roaches. Teenage roaches. He said, “Boy, you weren’t kidding. You sure have a lot of roaches.” She said, “I know that! What are you going to do about it?” He said, “Don’t worry. I’m calling the bug man. He will put a big tent over the whole building. Then he will spray the whole building. He will spray the whole building with roach spray. The tent will cover the building for a month. Then all the roaches will be dead. Your problem will be solved.” “Oh, that’s great,” she said. “But where will I live for a month?” The landlord said, “That’s a big problem. I don’t know where you will live. Do you have any friends? Maybe you can live with them.”

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