Take a Drive

Take a Drive Audio Mp3

She wanted to travel. He asked her where she wanted to go. She said she wanted to just get on the road and drive for a day or two. She wanted to get out of the house and out of the city. They packed a small suitcase. They packed their underwear, shorts, and toothbrushes, among other things. They looked at a map. “Should we drive into the mountains, or along the coastline?” he asked. She said it didn’t matter. The next day they got up early. They put the suitcase into the trunk. He drove to a gas station and filled up the tank. He drove onto the freeway and headed west. “So, we’re going up the coast?” she asked. Yes, he told her. “Maybe we’ll see some whales,” she said. A half-hour later, they could see the ocean. They drove north on the two-lane highway. After another hour, he pulled over. They got out of the car and walked onto the beach. Even though it was windy and chilly, they saw surfers in the ocean. They were sitting on their boards, waiting for waves. She was shivering. He put his arm around her to help keep her warm. She smiled at him. “Let’s continue driving,” she said. “We can pull over again when the sun is higher.”

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