The Fat Actress

The Fat Actress Mp3

Beth was a famous singer and a famous actress. Everyone wanted her autograph. Everyone took pictures of her. She was 26 years old. She had a great body. She was slim and pretty. She was also divorced. She had one child. His name was Charley. He was six years old. A movie actor loved Beth. William was fat and old, but he was rich and smart. He asked Beth out to dinner. She went to dinner with him. They had dinner many times. Then he invited her to his private island. She took Charley with her. They stayed on the island for almost a year. William asked Beth to marry him. They got married on his island. Then she returned to Hollywood to make a new movie. Nobody in Hollywood recognized her at first. “Do I know you?” everyone asked. They didn’t recognize Beth because she had gained about 80 pounds. People said she was too fat. They said she wasn’t pretty anymore. She said she didn’t care. “My husband is fat, and he likes me fat,” she said. “If you don’t like me fat, I don’t care. I will go back to my island and eat all I want. I don’t need Hollywood. I have a husband and a son who love me. What more could a woman want?”

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